Stop Reading Books About The Empty Nest!

Stop reading books about the empty nest!

For the past few months, I have been reading books about the empty nest. I have to STOP! These books are getting me down!

It is my current stage of life and I want to be prepared for it. Also, I have been reviewing these books for my blog so I can give recommendations to you about the best ones to read. That means I have really dug into them to be able to share the pros and cons with you.

This is getting depressing!

You know what I have found?  I have found that reading books about the empty nest is very depressing! 

When I read story after story after story of (mostly) women and their struggles when their children leave the nest, I identify with their struggles. When I read stories of the depression, anxiety, and lost feelings these women have, I can feel their pain.

The Bible has wise counsel on this. The book of Proverbs says, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Well, I have been thinking way too much about depressing things!

And as my son once said in a sermon, “What you feed grows. What you starve dies.” I have been feeding sadness and despondency for too long! It’s like I filled a bathtub with everyone’s heartache and have been soaking in it for weeks. Time to get out and get dried off!

The result? I feel heavy-hearted and burdened. I have been adding other people’s sorrows and struggles to my own. So you know what I have decided to do? I have decided to stop reading books about the empty nest and start reading books that are funny, encouraging, educational, and uplifting. And I will review some of those books for my blog.

Going Gypsy is my one exception

The only exception I will make to this new rule of mine is that I will continue to recommend you read Going Gypsy by David and Veronica James.That book fits the above criteria as funny, encouraging, educational, and uplifting. Can you tell I truly love that book? For more information about the book, read my review. You can purchase Going Gypsy here.

Otherwise you’re going to find me at the library looking for the same kind of books I have always loved to read. I like those that are funny, biography, gentle mysteries, and books that I can learn something new from.

And what is on my list of books to read? I want to read some books about getting organized. Chris Hogan, associate to Dave Ramsey the financial expert, just came out with a new book called Everyday Millionaires. I want to read some more Jodi Piccoult and Lisa Scottoline. I will check out the new book shelf at the library to see what has just come in. And I will do what I have always done. I will wander the stacks waiting for a cover or a title to jump out at me. 

What about you?

So I am going to stop reading books about the empty nest. I am going to read books that make me happy! What about you?

What is on your reading list?

If you have a recommendation for us to read, please leave it in the comments below!


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