Beginner’s Guide to Geocaching Acronyms

When we started geocaching, I was constantly googling to see what another acronym meant.  When I read the Activity log in the geocaching app, I would have to stop and check what something meant. GZ, FTF, TFTC, CO, P&G, SL. WHAT?!? So what do all those geocaching acronyms mean? IDK: I don’t know! This is a beginner’s guide to geocaching acronyms.

Every hobby has its own lingo. Every sport has its own vocabulary. Geocaching is no different.

8 Great Reasons To Take A Date Geocaching

The purpose of dating is to get to know someone, right? You can learn a lot about a person geocaching, so take a date geocaching!

The “bring a girl home for dinner” date

My hubby and I are geocachers. Our youngest son, 18, had never gone with us. When you are 18, you are pretty much into living your own life. I get it. But then he brought a girl home. It was his “bring a girl home for dinner” date with her. The one where she meets mom and dad and everyone starts to picture how she would fit into the family.

After eating homemade pizza (she likes pepperoni)  and playing some really bad badminton in the backyard, I asked if they would like to go geocaching with us. We got a more enthusiastic response from her than from our son, but, since they were willing, we grabbed our bag and headed out.

Should I Log a DNF when Geocaching?

We are relatively new to the geocaching game (or hobby, or sport). The basic concept is that, when you find a hidden cache, you use the geocaching app to log it as a find. But what do you do when you look for a cache but don’t find it? The other option on the app is to log it as a DNF (Did Not Find). So that brings up the question, should we log a DNF when geocaching?

Beginner geocachers

As beginners, we frequently did not find the cache we were searching for. Our searching skills were still pretty raw. Face it, until we gained some experience, we didn’t know what we were looking for!

Every time we found a new style of cache, we learned more about what to look for the next time. The truth is, when you are new to geocaching, your search skills are still unrefined.

We already felt bad enough that we couldn’t find what should have been an easy cache. We didn’t want to add to our humiliation by making it public knowledge! If we logged each cache we didn’t find as a DNF, we were publicizing our failures, right? Well, that is how we felt when we started geocaching so we didn’t log DNF’s at first.

Look Before You Touch: A Geocaching Lesson

Last Saturday, Jerry and I had a plan to go geocaching. By the end of the morning, we had learned a valuable geocaching lesson: look before you touch!

Our plan for geocaching

We headed to an area about half an hour away from home to Miles, IA, to attempt a series of geocaches that we found on the are geocaching app.

We thoroughly enjoyed the series! It was called Couples Cache, and had a dating theme. The name of each cache included a question that we answered when we logged the find. For example, one was How You Met. Then First Date. Another was called Perfect Getaway with the question, if you could go any where on a getaway trip, no expense to you, where would you go, and what would you do? First Gift asked what your first gifts to each other were. Favorite Movie asked, obviously, about your favorite movie.

Ten Tips For Geocaching Beginners

There is so much to learn when you start geocaching. Much of it can only be learned by experiencing it, but there are some specifics things it helps to understand before you jump in. Here are ten tips for geocaching beginners.

Read Basics of Geocaching to learn how to get started geocaching. You will need to set up an account and download the app before you are ready to head outside and start searching for those hidden caches. Once you have those basics accomplished, you are ready to head out the door and start logging some finds. Here is some additional information for geocaching beginners.

Basics Of Geocaching

One evening a few weeks ago my daughter called and asked if we wanted to go geocaching with them. I said, “Sure!  What’s geocaching?”  This is a beginner’s guide to geocaching. I will share with you what we learned from my daughter and her husband and from my own research and experience geocaching. We have a few weeks and about 50 finds under our belt at this point, and we enjoy sharing our new hobby with others. So here are the basics of geocaching.