How Did I Get Here? 50 Pounds Overweight!

Have you ever looked down at the bathroom scale or down at your body and wondered, how did I get here? How did I end up so overweight?

I can’t blame my parents 

I’m not going to blame my mom for being overweight even though she made me clean my plate. It didn’t matter if I didn’t like what she made or if I was full. I think the parenting handbook at the time must have included a section called “Mention the starving children in Africa when your kids didn’t want to eat what is in front of them.” I never understood how the starving children in Africa were going to benefit by chubby children in the Midwest cleaning up their mashed potatoes and roast beef, but I learned to clean up my plate.

Flee Temptation

Have you ever been in a pretty good place with your weight loss plan but were suddenly derailed when you saw tempting food? Have you found yourself eating something you had no intention to simply because it was right in front of you? How do you deal with tempting food that is right in front of you? Flee temptation!

At our church there is a snack table off by the wall. On the way into the sanctuary I never even notice it because I have so many people to greet and hug and talk to. But on the way out, it’s right in my line of sight. My eyes fall on that display of snacks first when I walk out of the sanctuary because it is right in front of me.

Once my eyes fall on it, I feel drawn to it. Since I am committed to two things: 1) not eating sugary snacks and 2)  not eating between meals, I turn my eyes, turn my head, and keep walking toward the exit. If I stop, it is to talk to someone and I keep my eyes on them and off the snack table.

We Need Balcony People

Sharing my recent weight loss

Today I experienced the encouragement and uplifting that could only come from  balcony people.

I was with two of my good, like-minded friends this mornng, both serious vegans, and I shared my recent weight loss success. I lost a couple of pounds this last week, got off my plateau (of 6 months), and dipped down into what I call a new decade. I left the 170’s and entered the 160’s. It is the first time in over 25 years my scale started with a 1 and a 6 and not a 17.. or a 18.. or even a 19…

Since the only accurate long-term weight records I have are my medical records, I seriously considered calling the doctor’s office and asking them to verify my weight from my visits for the past 30 years. But I just couldn’t justify that as good use of a medical professional’s time. By thinking back over the years, I know it was before my last two children were born that I was in the 160’s, so that makes it about 25 years. 

My cheerleader

When I shared my success with my two friends, I received a” way to go”, a “Wahoo!”, and some cheering, but was fairly surprised at the enthusiasm of one friend who can only be described as skinny. She even came over and hugged me!

Motivation For My Weight Loss Journey

I have been on a weight loss journey for the last 10 months. In theory, I have been on a weight loss journey the last 40 or so years; in reality, in the last nine months I have actually lost about 28 lb. I want to share the motivation for my weight loss journey. 

At this point everyone wants to know, how did you do it? I want to answer a different question, one that I never get asked. I want to answer why I did it, what was my motivation.

An engagement!

My daughter got engaged October 31st, 2016 with the wedding set for December 16th 2017. My plan was to buy a dress with a long jacket over it to elongate my appearance, something dressy but comfortable. You know, kind of like Maude used to wear on the Golden Girls. Preferably navy, which happened to be one of my daughter’s wedding colors. But she had a different idea. She wanted me to wear a long dress in a champagne or blush color. I tried some on at the bridal store where she bought her wedding dress, but I felt like an overweight old lady wearing a prom dress, which is not a good look an anyone!